A Postcard From the Past

James Monroe Dobbs (1905)

I have seen this postcard before, but without anything written on it.This photo is of my grandfather, James Monroe Dobbs, Jr. when he was about 4 years old. The date on the card is August 1905 – that would make him 3 1/2. The inscription reads:

“Dear Grandma: This is my last photo out gunning. Your loving grandson, Monroe”

This obviously was not written by my grandfather but instead was written by his father, James Monroe Dobbs, Sr. and “Grandma” refers to my great-great-grandmother, Mattie Prothro Dobbs.

My grandmother told me that this picture of my grandfather was taken in New York. Therefore, I am going to guess that “South Beach” refers to South Beach on Staten Island, when back then it was a summer beach colony.

The back of the postcard is messed up and only a partial address is shown “J. Dobbs Marietta, GA” It must be “Mrs. David J. Dobbs”, my great-great-grandmother.

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