Bits and Pieces

I made another pass at searching for my Dobbs ancestors in 19th century newspaper archives at, specifically David Dobbs, … More

The Third Man

On July 4, 1864, the day that my great-grandfather turned five years old, the town that he lived in, Marietta … More

Spiegel Girls

This photograph is interesting because there are multiple inscriptions written on the back. In one hand that appears to be … More

Patty Dobbs (1930)

My 2nd cousin did not know who these two photos are of, but I recognized them. These are pictures of … More

The Lodge at Cloudcroft

The inscription on the back of this picture identifies the woman in the center as being my great grandmother Helen … More

Down on the Border

The inscription on the back of this photograph identifies the location as “bed of Rio Grande River” at El Paso … More

Baby Dobbs & Daddy

The photograph is of my great-grandmother holding my grandfather. This was taken in Dallas in 1902. I have now gone … More

George C. Spiegel

I received a packet of photos from a distant cousin. All of these relate to my maternal grandfather, James Monroe … More