DeBacker & Gaume 
Exhibits related to the DeBacker, Gaume, and collateral families

Dobbs & Prothro 
Exhibits related to Dobbs, Prothro and collateral families

Kollros & Bannon 
Exhibits regarding the Kollros, Bannon, and Campbell families

Kelsey & Knox 
Images of the last will and testament of William Kelsey and other exhibits regarding the family of my great, great grandmother, Henrietta Kelsey Bannon

Clippings from Kentucky Irish American 2 
Clippings from the Kentucky Irish American (Newspaper – Louisville, Kentucky)

Dobbs Dispatches from Chile 
Selected dispatches of James Monroe Dobbs, US consular general to Valparaiso, Chile (1893-1897)

My Life As Seen From Outerspace
Right after Google Earth was released in 2005, I thought that it would be interesting to see if I could locate all of the places that I lived over the past 50 years (1955-2005). I collected snapshots of satellite pictures of the places that I resided and schools that I attended as kid. Six years later I finally got around to putting it all together in a presentation that documents these shots. In each of the shots the pictures are oriented facing the front of the structure. On most of the pictures there is compass rose showing the orientation of the map. If you hover your mouse over some of the maps you will see tips regarding some of the features.