International Man Of Mystery – Part Four

I have solved yet another mystery. For a long time, my working theory has been that my great grandfather, James Monroe Dobbs, was employed by the Panama Railway for several years in the 1880s. I had based my assumption on three things: a relative’s statement over 70 years ago, a newspaper article published in 1893, and two passenger lists that I found from the 1880s. … Continue reading International Man Of Mystery – Part Four

Morgan’s Swamp

So, I wanted to find the answer to how many generations of my ancestors owned slaves in the 19th century and earlier. I did not know how much earlier than the American Revolution that they began the practice of enslaving other humans. Still, I had assumed that only four generations were involved in the trade and ownership of human property. Starting with my great-grandfather, James … Continue reading Morgan’s Swamp

Do You Want Freedom Fries with That?

The one aspect of my DNA results that I haven’t discussed yet is the ethnicity estimates provided by and by MyHeritage. I am baffled by the results that I see at, and I will write about them later. In this post, I will discuss the results from where the only real surprise is that it shows that I am not as French … Continue reading Do You Want Freedom Fries with That?