Spiegel Family – Dallas, Texas (c. 1900)

The back of this photo says, “Spiegel Family – Dallas, Texas” and does not give a year. And I am going to make some conjectures here: The man leaning against the tree on the far left is my great-great-grandfather, George C. Spiegel. He was a cigar maker in Dallas, Texas. From census records, I have two street addresses for the family. One on San Jacinto … Continue reading Spiegel Family – Dallas, Texas (c. 1900)

Georgia Cousins

This is a photograph of my grandfather James M Dobbs and his first cousin Christine, daughter of Evan Prothro Dobbs and Margaret Hulda Hahr. Evan was a brother of my great-grandfather. Both James and his half-sister, Emita, lived with their uncle Evan when their father was traveling overseas. In fact, Emita spent practically all of her childhood living in the household of her cousins. Emita’s … Continue reading Georgia Cousins

Jimmy Dobbs (1917?)

This one is of my maternal grandfather, James M. Dobbs, Jr., taken when he was a teenager in the late 1910s. The inscription on the back reads: “Taken in street in front of Uncle Clif’s house in 1917 or 1918.”“Uncle Clif” refers to Herbert Clifton Dobbs, younger brother of my great-grandfather. While my great-grandfather spent a number of years in South America, Herbert stayed close … Continue reading Jimmy Dobbs (1917?)

Helen Spiegel Dobbs (1872-1954)

The back of this photo is marked “Helen S. Dobbs – Mexico City”. She was my great-grandmother. There is no date; however, I believe that this photo was taken in the first decade of the 20th century. During that time my great-grandfather was still working for the U.S. Foreign Service. He spoke fluent Spanish and he specialized in Latin America. In the 1890s he was … Continue reading Helen Spiegel Dobbs (1872-1954)

A Postcard From the Past

I have seen this postcard before, but without anything written on it.This photo is of my grandfather, James Monroe Dobbs, Jr. when he was about 4 years old. The date on the card is August 1905 – that would make him 3 1/2. The inscription reads: “Dear Grandma: This is my last photo out gunning. Your loving grandson, Monroe” This obviously was not written by … Continue reading A Postcard From the Past