Episode 1: Finding the Long Lost – Pt I

About a year ago, I started work on a revision of my book, Gathering Leaves. Yet, it was not until I retired in August that I started working full-time on a complete rewrite of the book. Since then, I have completed the first 14 chapters, bringing me to the eve of the American Civil War, and roughly mid-way through the book. While taking a break from writing to spend some time reviewing the history of the Civil War, part of that time was spent watching again the nine-episode Ken Burns series entitled “The Civil War: A Film by Ken Burns.” This inspired me to take a different route. I decided that rather than present my story in book form, I would utilize my novice Premier Pro skills and instead produce a series of short videos using a revised “Gathering Leaves” as the script.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is episode one of Gathering More Leaves (GML: Episode 001 – Finding the Long Lost – Part I).

Click on >YouTube to view on YouTube
Click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2tKsD0oKmE

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