Another Find in the 1950 US Census

I have located one other great-grandparent in the 1950 US Census. It was not difficult to find my great-grandmother, Catherine “Beanie” Kollros, because I knew the address of her home in Louisville, Kentucky. She and my great-grandfather, Jojo Kollros purchased a home in Louisville in the early 1920s. During the Great Depression, they almost lost the three-story house and they began taking in boarders. To find her, I used the 1950 Census District Finder at and entered the full address of the home.

1528 S. Third St., Louisville, Kentucky

The house is located at 1528 S. Third St. in what Is now known as the Preservation District in Louisville. It appears from the 1950 census record that the house was divided into nine apartments and housed about a dozen boarders. The house is now owned by a fraternity from a nearby university.

Grandmother, Mother, Great-Grandmother, and Me – 1955

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