All I Have is a Photograph

I found this online tool called Remini that can be used to enhance old photos. It is free-to-try, so I tried it out with some old photos. The original photos, some over 150 years old, are a little blurry and thus the facial features are a tad fuzzy. The results were amazing. I had been told that my maternal grandfather’s mother was very beautiful, but I had no idea. I may subscribe and enhance some photos for my book but I want to first shop around. Here are the results.

The first photograph is of my great-great-grandmother, Sophie Precht Spiegel. The picture was taken around 1870 in Savannah, Georgia.

This photo of Sophie’s two little girls was taken around 1875 in Dallas, Texas. The older girl on the left is Cassia Spiegel and on the right is my great-grandmother, Helen “Nellie” Spiegel (1872-1950)

 Here is my great-grandmother, Helen Spiegel. This photo was taken in Dallas, Texas in the late 1890s.

This photo was also taken in Dallas in the 1890s.

This is Helen Spiegel Dobbs in Mexico City around 1914.

This is another picture of Helen in Mexico City around 1914.

Here is another ancestor. This is my great-great-grandmother, Martha Josephine Prothro. This photograph was probably taken in Charleston, South Carolina in 1857.

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