Grand Army of the Republic

Here is interesting find. My great great grandfather, Frank Gaume, was a veteran of the Civil War having served on the side of the Union. I have posted about him before, most recently around Memorial Day. What I discovered is that he was a member of the Civil War veteran’s service organization the Grand Army of the Republic or as it was known by its initials GAR.

He was a member of GAR Post #256 located at St. Mary’s Kansas. The record shows that in 1883, he was a restaurant keeper in St. Mary’s and this is consistent with information found on his daughter’s marriage record that listed him as a tavern keeper. The record is also consistent in other ways; however, his age is listed as 38. This is incorrect, as he would have been 40 years old in 1883.

Source: Kansas, U.S., Grand Army of the Republic Post Reports, 1880-1940
Record Detail

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