Baby Dobbs & Daddy

Baby Dobbs & Momma Dallas, Texas 1901

The photograph is of my great-grandmother holding my grandfather. This was taken in Dallas in 1902.

I have now gone through all the photographs and there is one thing that is missing… a picture of the photographer. I believe that the photographs in Dallas and in Mexico in the 1900s and 1910s were taken by my great-grandfather, James M. Dobbs, Sr.

He probably used the popular Kodak Brownie #2 camera to take the snapshots. Back then, for a dollar, one could buy a pre-loaded camera from Kodak. One would take pictures and then send the box to Kodak to get the pictures processed. Too bad they didn’t do selfies back then.

So, in closing, I do not have any photographs of James, Sr., but I do have some illustrations of him from the Atlanta Constitution (newspaper).

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