My Life as Seen from Outer Space – Pt.1

When Google Earth was released in 2005, I thought that it would be interesting to see if I could locate all of the places that I lived over the past 50 years (1955-2005). I collected snapshots of satellite pictures of the places that I resided and schools that I attended as kid. Six years later I finally got around to putting it all together in a presentation that documents these shots. In each of the shots the pictures are oriented facing the front of the structure. On most of the pictures there is compass rose showing the orientation of the map.

Part one covers the early years from 1955 to 1963

Washington, DC (1955)

I was born in Washington, D.C. in 1955 at the Georgetown University Medical Center on the banks of the Potomac river. On this image south is in upper part of the picture; so that Roosevelt Island and Arlington, Virginia are at the top of the picture. Embassy row is on the left-hand side of the picture and the Naval Observatory (the veep’s house) is just off the bottom of the left-hand side of the picture. Hover your mouse over the image tips on features

Fort Worth (1956-1960)

We lived briefly in St Louis after leaving D.C., but by September 1956 we were living in Ft. Worth. We lived on Fuller Ave from 1956 to 1960. There are two photos on below. The first is at a higher altitude because I want to point out a significant feature in the neigborhood that I clearly remember.

Down the street from our house on Fuller avenue was a park. I clearly remember that one evening in 1959 when I was about or four or five years old that my mother, I, my brother and another woman and her children took a walk over to the park. We followed the path in the park all the way to back of the park where it ended at an embankment that went up to a street. Up above us between two hills I could see a railroad trestle. I remember being very excited to learn that right down the street from my house was this railroad bridge. I thought to myself any moment now we would see a train coming across that bridge. I waited and waited while my mother and the woman stood chatting, but a train never appeared. Finally my mother said that it was starting to get dark and that we should go home. I was not at all happy about this and I proceeded to throw a temper tantrum that I was by now infamous for.

In the picture on the right you will see six streets running right to left from the right-hand side of the picture. Fuller avenue is the third street from the top. Towards the middle of Fuller avenue you see where the park begins and looking at the upper left corner of the picture you will see the train trestle.

In the second picture below, Fuller avenue is the middle street running right-to-left. Our’s was the 4th house from the corner.

Wharton, Texas (1960-1963)

In 1960 we moved to Wharton, Texas and lived in a big white plantation-style house on Fulton Ave. On the left is the Colorado river (the one in Texas). Behind the house you can see Wharton County High School – Go Tigers!

Street-level view of the Fulton street house

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