Gathering More Leaves

This blog began in 2019 as a placeholder for my website which I had recently taken off the air. I took down the website that I first assembled in December 1994. I did this because I was tired of paying $135 a year to maintain a website that I had not touched in nearly a decade.

Since I started the blog, I have published over 80 articles, all of which detail recent discoveries I have made concerning my family history. Now, I think I have reached the point where I am ready to transition to a new phase – editing and revising the book Gathering Leaves. The working title of the 4th edition is Gathering More Leaves.

The plan is to do a complete revision. Currently, the book is over 400 pages long with way too many endnotes, and due to a huge mistake on my part, no index. I hope to reduce the book down to 250 pages while at the same time adding new material. I hope to achieve this by following the command of Strunk & White to “omit needless words” and do a general cleanup of what I recognize now as a massive data dump that I did in the third edition back in 2011. When I received an advanced copy of the paperback edition in 2013, I was shocked to realize that the book was over 400 pages long, something I had not noticed in the Kindle edition. Now the clean-up work has begun.

As a result, I will probably be submitting fewer articles to the blog as I will be devoting my writing efforts to the process of gathering more leaves.

(If anyone is interested, most of the original website is archived and available for viewing at AWS, and Amazon only charges me $.99 a month! Here is the link.)

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