Mom and Dad 1967

This is really strange, but the other day, I received a letter from my sister-in-law. In the envelope was the photograph shown below and a letter saying that Susanne’s aunt in Korea wanted me to have the photograph. I do not recall but Suzanne seems to think that I gave the photograph to her father after we were married in Korea in 1979.

The photograph is of my mother and father and two others. My father is on the far right. Standing next to him is a family friend, Timothy Ryan, and my mother is standing next to Mr. Ryan. I do not know who the woman is on the far left. I am guessing the photograph was taken in 1967 at the Bob Hope charity benefit show for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Houston.

l-r unknown, Patty DeBacker, Timmy Ryan, Dave DeBacker
Houston Texas c. 1967

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